BREAK-IN, the counterpart of the better known BRISTAR, is produced in Italy and is a non-explosive expansive mortar that has the property of safely demolishing rock and concrete without producing noise, vibrations, throwing up debris or environmental pollution.

To carry out the demolition, it is only necessary to drill the rock or concrete and pour the BREAK-IN mixture with water into the holes. The demolition takes place in complete safety without the use of protection as in the case of explosives.
BREAK-IN is presented as a powder similar to a cement and ready to use; mixed with water, it creates a mixture which, when poured into holes specially made in the rock, causes it to crush, due to the volume expansion that the product undergoes during the consolidation phase (the pressure generated is approximately 6000 t/m²).

The action of BREAK-IN is therefore not explosive and enables the obtaining of good results in complete safety and with great ease of use as it does not require specialist personnel for its use as in the case of demolitions with micro-charges (Autostem, Green Break Technology, Nonex).It is economical and cheaper than the use of hydraulic hammers or demolition hammers and the execution times are relatively shorter.


  • the demolition of any type of rock and concrete;
  • the demolition of concrete structures and bases;
  • demolition inside buildings of historical and cultural interest;
  • the partial demolition of reinforced concrete structures;
  • excavations for swimming pools, water pipes and house foundations.


  • Minimum drilling diameter 32 mm;
  • Minimum depth of holes 40 cm;
  • Average rock consumption;
  • Average cement consumption 12 kg / mᶟ;
  • Average consumption of reinforced concrete 12 kg/mᶟ;
  • Operating temperature from -5°C to 40°C;
As temperature is an element that conditions reaction time, AUTOSTEM ITALIA markets a type of BREAK-IN suitable for any type of temperature.